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Visiting Fellow Applications Open - 2023 Storytellers' Institute

The MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute is a non-fiction arts residency on Skidmore College campus every June. A creative and intellectual community, the Institute brings together professional non-fiction storytellers and artists (Visiting Fellows), Skidmore College students/faculty/staff (Skidmore Fellows), and Regional community partners from the MDOCS Co-Creation Initiative (Regional Fellows). The Institute is a fully funded opportunity that offers Fellows time to work on personal non-fiction arts projects. Apps open for Visiting Fellows - Join us this year as we explore the theme Off THE BEATEN PATH: OUTSIDE THE HERO'S JOURNEY!


2022 Golden Acorn Winners

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The John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS) serves Skidmore and the surrounding community through courses, workshops, and project support in the art of non-fiction. Whether you are interested in learning a new storytelling skill, advancing a nonfiction project, or pursuing the focused study of documentary traditions, MDOCS has a variety of ways for you to get involved in the program.


coviDOCS: Stories from the Pandemic



Documentary work can take many forms in the professional world. MDOCS supports projects on and off campus, in the local community and beyond.

Sylvia Ryerson

'18 Visiting Fellow

Sylvia Ryerson

Sylvia Ryerson

Visiting Fellow

Sylvia is collaborating with Luis Luna to produce the new bilingual radio show Melting the ICE / Derritiendo el Hielo. The show shares stories of how Immigration and Customs Enforcement is impacting families and broadcasts to ICE detention centers sharing messages of love, solidarity and support to people currently in detention. STORYTELLERS’ INSTITUTE

Adam Tinkle

MDOCS Director

Adam Tinkle

Adam Tinkle

MDOCS Director

Adam is working on a new installation in the Bennington Museum (VT). (re)Sounding activates and interprets the Museum’s collection of historic instruments by placing them on display alongside archival photographs, interpretive text, and an immersive sound installation of new music for old instruments. Feb 1 - May 23. MDOCS Faculty

Liv Fidler '19

Studio Manager

Liv Fidler

Liv Fidler '19

Studio Manager at Brand New School

Liv Fidler ’19 (American Studies) had her film Chinese Breakfast accepted into the Adirondack Film Festival this past Fall and recently became the Studio Manager at a top production studio, Brand New School, in Manhattan. She also assists with research and social media on a new docuseries, UNLADYLIKE2020, premiering Summer 2020 on PBS. MDOCS ALUMNI

Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project

The Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project (SSMP) is an ongoing exploration of the contemporary and historical life of Saratoga County and Skidmore College. Through oral history projects it documents the rich history and cultures of Saratoga County and the contribution of historical and contemporary figures on the national and international stage.

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